Who are the bidders stealing the Luella Gisele's out from under my nose??

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  1. :graucho:

    I thought this bag was over, done with, lost it's appeal. Every time one appears on ebay, tons of people bid on it raising the price from the super low starting!

    I'm telling you people...it's a bad bag, you DON'T want it :P

    What can I tell you so that you leave them all to meeeee? hee hee jk :yes:

    Some day I will FINALLY own one!

  2. Just for fun (because I own a green one) I checked ebay to see what they are selling for. Boy was I surprised! Have faith, you'll get yours soon. I've totally been there, waiting, thinking I'm going to score a bag for a great deal, only to be outbid (or outspent!). Good luck!
  3. hee hee- thanks! I always get outbid at the last second! ARG! I was recently watching a beautiful green one (by a tPF member!)
  4. wow..really??? do you think i can get money for my black luella giselle? I have the smaller one. I didn't get the big one. I used it alot. However it is in good condition still. i just figured never to get rid of it because no one would give me decent money for it.
  5. ^ doesn't hurt to try it! I think the colored ones are selling better though
  6. are they considered "collectors" items?
  7. I honestly have no idea. I'm just in love with the style. However, I think b/c it was such an iconic bag at one point, some people may view it as a classic. Anyone else have an opinion?