Who are hermes owners:

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  1. It seems as if many people on this board are youngish. I would imagine that the hermes club would be a bit more mature. Is this true?

    Where are you from?
    How old are you?

    What's your last hermes purchase?
  2. some of us probably should be. :p

    but i figure that while you can only be young for so long . . . you can be immature forever.
  3. We have feeble minds, but able bodies (:lol: )
    ... you have to be strong to carry one of these bags...
  4. ............and some of us just never grew up.:p
  5. hmmm... we are a diverse group. freakishly so, if you expected there might be any sort of consistency. kids, no kids, employed, lucky (lol), married, single, gay, straight, male, female (some of this didn't come from that thread, which has been buried for a while, just observations along the way), animal-lovers, allergic to animals, students, retirees, tall, short, tight-wads (you know who you are, lol), from all over the world, based all over the world, rich, in debt, comfortable, artistic, scientific, mathematic, philanthropic ... i could go on and on.
    one constant - we all have one arm or 2, and we're pretty committed to hanging an H bag on one or both.
  6. ......and when both arms are busy, Dr Christian Troy gets to carry it.....
  7. nobody's asking how TALL you are . . . . (or aren't). :heart: :p

  8. Stop picking on Ninja!!!!
  9. ^^lol!!!
  10. ^^^^^Oh, hey, that's low................then again, so am I.:p
  11. oh, sorry denial, i just thought of another constant - crazy (see above)
  12. and weird..a little bit.
  13. You need to stop being so hard on yourself, Fesdu!!!!;)