Who among you are Fendi converts?

  1. I know this probably should have gone into the peekaboo thread but I realized that whenever I ask questions there, it gets lost in the number of replies more often than not.

    How many of you on this sub-forum is a convert? And a convert because of the peekaboo at that. I've realized that each time I ask for opinions between two bags (one peekaboo and another from another brand), it's difficult to find an unbiased opinion (no offense) on either sub-forum because people who visit each sub-forum are naturally already in love with the respective brand.

    So I would like to know how many of you on here are real converts. ;)
  2. my start into Fendi was the Spy bag.

    i cut my teeth on Coach & kate Spade. then moved over to Fendi. my first step into the Fendi boutique the Zucca print grabbed me. i do mix it. most of my collection is Fendi.

    i have had about 3 Chanel bags (not at the same time) they just were not me. That is a personal thing though. i have nothing against Chanel, i love seeing them, im a bag watcher haha. i sold them to get my Bal collection started.
    I like LV & Bal in addition to Fendi. LV for the durability, Bal for the yummy leather. i might get a BV someday. but my heart still belongs to Fendi. Which dominates my collection.

    #1 Iconic Fendi is my Spy bags, #2 Iconic is my recently acquired Peekaboo.
    i have several other Fendi bags, 2 Selleria styles, a Chef hobo, B Bis, some accessories, scarf, cosmetic bag & pouchette. And i just ordered a pair of reading glasses (yup, its that time to start using them). i just had to have them put into Fendi frames. So no old lady style reading glasses for me. haha
  3. I started out 5-6 years ago collecting LVs & got bored/disillusioned with them -- too clic-ish, structured, easily damaged leather (except the EPI). I have a very laid back lifestyle & don't work in an office environment or go out to hi end events much, so CHanel & LV just don't fit my way of life.

    FENDI fits me better, casual, even whimsical at times, well made and versatel. Like Edith, I am not one for monogram material, but the Zucca fabric caught my eye & never tire of it. I encourage members to explore FENDI pieces of all ranges, particularly Selleria & Spy Bags & Peek a Boos & Zucca pieces. You won't be disappointed!! :yahoo::nuts::yahoo:

    I recently went on Vacation & took with me a FENDI SELLERIA BLack Leather CARRY ON Luggage piece, a Large B MIX BAULETTO in white & Zucca, Fendi Spy wallet & cosmetic satchel & a Medium FENDI ZUCCA Chef bag (for going out to restaurants,etc.). They all fit nicely together & did not take up much room! ;)

    I have also used my Nappa Leather FENDI Bag D'Jour as a Carry On Luggage piece & get lots of compliments!

    Other Designer Bags I love: Prada -- especially Leather pieces (deerskin & washed leather), Miu Miu, Jimmy Choo - especially Their bubbly Nappa & animal skin. Costume National (very soft leather & good quality for the price). But FENDI is still my biggest label in the closet....:nuts:
  4. ive always liked fendi, classy
  5. My first designer bag was a Fendi, I've strayed for a while into MJ etc, but now I'm back! :biggrin:
  6. I have 2 loves that im faithfull to. LV and fendi. Fendi was my first designer bag that i bought. I love the styles
  7. I agree with baglady1. LV gets really drab after a while. It's like Juicy - a one trick pony. Fendi bags imo are not as durable as Prada but they are very avante garde. Everyone should have a spy bag.
  8. I´ve always loved this fabulous label!
    It´s a powerful mane in style, and elegance.
    To me, it´s a scent of timeless chic,everytime I enter in a Fendi store around the world, and I fell its atmosphere
    I don´t fell the same at others labels stores.In these places , it´s not vulgar, full of people whitch to me it´s a good signe, and the people I see in the stores while I´m there , they´re not like everybody else, I can see they´re well educated people, and know the value of tradition.
    I have some Fendi bags , thanks God:biggrin:
    And I´m longing to bay some others, like the Silvana(beautiful!!!!) and the new model fall/winter, I´ve just saw in Paris, some days ago.
    yes, I saw one of the most beautiful bags Ive seen in my whole life, a tine blue turquoise Peekaboo in ostrich leather, oh my God....beautiful!!! it was already taken , beaught by a girl from India, she just held her new Peekaboo, in a way that reminded me a mother carring his baby, attached to her, firmely...just like she was saying, she´s mine and nobody could bay one like mine, it´s mine, MINE!!!!:biggrin:
  9. For me, my Fendi leather bags purchased in the last 5 years have held up better than the Prada leather bags that I have purchased in the same timeframe. And because of this reason, I actually prefer the leather bags of Fendi over Prada. I don't think Fendi gets enough love for the quality and durable leather that they use on their bags. My favorite is the grainy texture calf leather "Africa leather" they use on the pebbled leather model Chameleons. Thick and scrumptious! :love: Reminds me of what I think an old 1940s quality leather doctor bag would be like, way back before the majority of leather bags were starting to be Made in China.
  10. I am a recent Fendi convert. Have been a LV gal for years, then Prada and Balenciaga.
    I have a nice Celine now and a Burberry, but am in love with Fendi!
    The history and the quality and the nice subtle but oh so stylish lines and leather. I am hooked.
    My large Chameleon is my favorite bag!
  11. I owned a spy for about 2 days many years ago but let it go.

    With the introduction of the Peekaboo, I started looking at Fendi again, but didn't commit until I saw a Fendilicious and had to have it. It has proven to be the perfect little bag for me. I love traveling with it and I have to say it is the best patent piece to own. I got another Fendi within a few months of the Fendilicious, grabbing a canvas foldover clutch (I think its called the Chameleon clutch) and that is just such a fun bag to use.

    I have had to ban myself from getting anymore Fendi though, after buying 2 in a matter of months. That meant I could not buy the Fendi wallet I craved! :smile:

    Personally, I think Fendi is a great brand that many overlook.
  12. I am a LV girl all the way but the only bag I love from Fendi is the Spy bag which I recently purchased.
  13. My first designer bag was a Fendi when, at sixteen, I saw Carrie wearing that great baguette and just had to have it. Instead of a sweet sixteen, I chose a handbag ;). Never looked back haha.

    Although it seems Fendi has lost some of its value and desirability (which is unfortunate ) I am really quite impressed with the peekaboo. It's really great looking and something that gives a nod to the Fendi of yore while being modern, elegant and timeless.