Who all LOVES their LV Agendas??

  1. I'm tellin ya, I think I would be absolutely lost without this little guy!!:p He's my bessstest friend lol!! How 'bout you??? Mine is a vernis in red that I just adore, not the new red but the old "fantastic" red!!;)
  2. I love my mandarin small epi agenda! I use it as my main wallet too.
    It makes me smile everytime I pull it out.
  3. Yeah, I been lost for 8 yrs now. I gave up my Taiga when I gain a dh.:sad:
  4. I :heart: my mono small agenda. Sometimes I use it as a wallet.
  5. I love my koala agenda... the pink lining makes me feel like such a girl.
  6. i LOVE LOVE LOVE my new red epi agenda. it totally makes me happy every time i take it out or write something in it. i hated my old ks one so much- this one is the best! i could kiss it!
  7. i have a red grooom wallet and i LOVEEE IT!
  8. I love my mono rose agenda! I love it so much I'm scared to use it too much ..I don't want ruin it somehow...i have to get over that :shame:
  9. yuck!!! get it back LoL!!!!! j/k! so get a new one and get found again!:p:heart:
  10. I'm falling outta love with my Damier Pocket Agenda...

    but to replace it's place soon will probably be a Damier Medium Ring Agenda?
  11. I've been using an agenda since I was a kid! I would be lost without it!

    Mine is a Suhali PM in Geranium.
  12. I have a groom agenda and never really use it...I want a vernis one in the new red!
  13. I don't know how many sizes they make in vernis but I love this one. It fits right in my hand and sorta snuggles there LoL!! And I bought tons of Filofax stuff to pop in it. It won't take tooo much but I've got everything I need in there including my Carnet de Bal in a clear plastic envelope
  14. LOVE LOVE LOVE my small framboise vernis agenda - its my favorite accessory (along with the perfect pink LV pen inside) :biggrin:
  15. I too have been using an agenda since I was a kid and I love my black Epi medium ring agenda and yellow groom small agenda - I use them both daily - one for everyday appts, to do's and the other as a running log.