who all is trying to get preggers?!

  1. Ok, so dh and I are trying to get preggers, we have been trying for almost a year with no success:sad: We are so frustrated, we are both extremely healthy, we have sex on all the "right" days, the days leading up them, and the days after them....dh LOVES this btw! Everyone tells me not to stress out about it, but it is so hard not to. We want a baby so bad it hurts. I have an appointment with a fertility specialist at the end of the month, and hopefully he will shed some light onto the situation, but of course I have myself diagnosed with some horrible condition or disease...I swear the internet is not good for you sometimes. I just don't understand, it seems like EVERYONE is pregnant, and half of them weren't even trying!!!!!!

    So who out there is in the same boat as me??
  2. Holly,

    We too tried for a long time before finally getting pregnant. I think infertility is one of the most under-diagnosed and misunderstood diseases. It's estimated that 1 out of 6 couples have difficulty conceiving. And before your doctor can find anything medically wrong with you I don't want you to think you have it. We didn't find anything medically wrong with us, and I still don't know why it took us a while, other than my age perhaps but my ovarian reserve was good. Anyway, I think you are doing the right thing by getting checked out, and don't forget to get DH checked out too. Some men don't want to go there but let's face it, there is only 1 thing that needs to be checked, vs the complex female reproductive system.

    Best of luck, and I hope you will get some answers.
  3. Ok one of my mags has an article about boosting your fertility I'll summarises the article for you:-

    1- Have sex when ever you possible as frequently as you can - at minimum every 2-3 days.
    2- Good Nutrition i.e do you need to loose or gain weight/ Avoid processed refined foods, eat loats of fresh fruit & veg (take a multivit if needed until you get pregnant then speak to a doc about your needs)
    3 - Consider alternative therapies such as acupuncture or reflexology
    4 - for the men avoid tight fitting underwear, hot baths, sauna's, steam room's, laptops (on his lap) sitting down for long periods and excessive exercise, why?? 1 degree rises in temperature can kill 40% of sperm so he needs to stay cool.
    5- lifestyle factors avoid stress, alcohol, caffiene (ye sll things we already know to stay away from) if you are a smoker (or DH) QUIT smokers fertility is approx 50% Lower than none smokers.

    Supplements for both of you:-
    Zinc- essenyial for both but also aids sperm quality & mobility
    Vit B Complex - all are essential in the body but in particlualr folic acid for developement of baby, B6 aids female fertility and B12 for sperm count.
    Selenium - deficiencies can cause infertility
    Essential Fatty Acids (omega 3, 6 & 9) - required for healthy reproductive systems
    Vit E - increase fertility in women & men also boots IVF succes rates when taken by men
    Vit C - Helps prevent DNA damage to sperm & make it more motile.

    For Women -
    Folic Acid - to prevent spina bifida needs to be taken before conception and the first 12 weeks of pregnancy
    Agnus Castus - helps ovulation & hormonal balances
    Black Cohosh - can help stimulate ovaries

    For Him:-
    L- Arginine & L- carnitine - essential for sprem production
    Saw Palmetto - tonic for male repoductive system
    Co _Enzyme Q 10 - increases sperm motility.

    As alwasy speak to doctor about your options and anything you may consider taking.

    Best wishes on your future pregnancy I hope that can be of some help!!
  4. We've been trying about eleven months... It's so depressing isn't it? It seems everyone around me is pregnant too. Or when I'm a few days late and I'm feeling like maybe it's finally it, then I hear about someone else being pregnant. I think of babies nonstop. Do you sometimes feel like Charlotte on Sex and the City too? haha.
  5. I remember these days. I have 2 kids now. It took almost a year to get pregnant with my son.....I got pregnant with my daughter in 1 month of trying.....they're 3 years apart. I actually went to a fertility specialist thinking there was something wrong with me and I was pregnant at the time. The doc did an ultrasound, but I must have just got pregnant because he didn't say anything.....he scheduled me for an appointment to start fertility treatments. I got to cancel it!!!! I think the best thing for me was to stop thinking about it. We went on a vacation and I got pregnant. Same thing happened with my daughter. We were so busy running around all day that I didn't have time to dwell on it.
  6. I wish all of you who are trying good luck. Me and my dh are trying now but it has only been about 6 weeks so I am not stressing. All the articles I have read said that stress was a big player in women not being able to conceive. I agree with girlsgottoshop, take a mini vacation and just enjoy your togetherness. I am no expert I am only 21, I am just trying to be optimistic :shame:.

  7. No kids for me any time soon but i saw a report on TV about resorts which have packages similar to honeymoon deals that offer a relaxing getaway so you can get your baby making on. you get massages and all that good stuff so you can destress
  8. Aww thanks. Yeah, I we started trying this time last year. And since I'm only 24 I thought it would be easy. I remember thinking, "This time next year I'll have a baby"... but not yet. Even though it's torture waiting, I know it will happen when it's supposed to so I guess I'll just be patient :smile: And it will be that much better when it finally happens.
  9. Yup, we are. I had a miscarriage in March and we're back at it. We weren't trying the first time, but now we are. I hate the waiting!
  10. If any of you are trying to get pregnant I know an amazing acupuncturist in Laguna Hills, CA. He has a very high success right, an amazing teaching background in the US and China, and people from all over the world come to California just to see him. He's great!
  11. Holly,

    I too know how you feel - it took me 11 months to get pregnant then I lost my baby at 3 months pregnant in January. The waiting for your period is torture and there are some days when you just seem to be surrounded by pregnant women and it really gets to me. People always go on about how you have to relax but unless you have been through the process of desperately wanting a pregnancy they have no ides how difficult that actually is! I send you all my best wishes - sometimes knowing that you're not the only one can help a little!
  12. i'll be trying soon ... reading the above makes me kinda depressed. makes me realise babies are really god's gift and should never be taken for granted
  13. I wish you all the best of luck while you are trying and once you do become pregnant!!

    It's really unfair to see how some women have such troubles getting pregnant and others get pregnant without a problem.
  14. I'm so sorry to hear that Katy :sad::sad: I know what you mean though about people telling you to relax. My grandma tried for 10 years and was in the process of getting an adoption when she got prego with her oldest. I can't wait 10 years. I'll go insane. I've even bought a tiny dog I can carry with me to substitute for a baby. Pathetic huh. I was at the stoplight the other day and this girl looked around 14 years old and she was pushing a stroller that a toddler with no shoes on, barely clothed, and the girl was prego again. I'm like "Why her?" It doesn't make sense... so frustrating isn't it.
  15. Awe!!! You guys are all so sweet, and thank you all for all of your kind words!! Well......I had a doctors appointment today, and I got diagnosed with PCOS, which I found to be pretty odd since it seems that 99% of the women I know are overweight, and I am not nor do I have alot of the other symptoms that they have!?!? But, what do I know, I am not a doctor.....anyways they are starting me on clomid, and some other something to make me have a period each month, since I only have like 1 every 3 months (which is a sign of PCOS). Anyhow please keep me in your thoughts and prayers!