Whitney's in Rehab AGAIN

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    I just hope she gets it together. Especially for her self and Bobbi Kris:sad2: :sad2: .
  2. poor whitney... maybe having tons of money isn't good after all... if it all goes up your nose
  3. Glad she is getting help. I watched her husband's show a few times...
  4. For how long can you possibly stay on a downward spiral, especially when you have celebrity status like her.
  5. Until you're dead or so nearly so that someone else than your irresponsible self takes control of it... ?

    It's so sad, she's such a fabulous singer and was so glam. Makes me really sad because I loved her songs (and the movie the Bodyguard)
  6. I love Whitney's songs!!! Thank god she received help but this is not her first time. It goes to say, she will not change if she herself doesn't want to. I hope this time round, she really does.
  7. Maybe she needs to stay high cuz dealing with Bobbi is no picnic. I hope she works it out. She was so Fab. Sigh
  8. She looks awful. It really makes me want to cry. It is a real shame what has happened to her. I hope she can get the help she needs and I pray that someone responsible is looking after her daughter.
  9. I don't think she'll get better until she leaves Bobby. That man is just as big of a train wreck as she is. You can't get clean when you're married to someone like him.

    Such a waste of so much talent.
  10. sad, but I heard that as well. I hope she can overcome it...it has really drained her beauty.
  11. I really hope she recovers and returns to her old self one day . . . she was such a talent with an amazing voice.
  12. Whitney and her addiction are getting old. She needs to straighten out already! *big yawn*
  13. Ya I just heard about this on the local news. Apparently she is getting rehab here in Tucson