Whitney Shoulder Bag

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  1. So I stopped into the MK store today. I haven’t gotten an MK bag in ages. The last one was a super clearanced collection evening bag. That sadly is too small now.

    Anyway I was sucked in by some of the new shapes and left with this one:

    I haven’t unwrapped it yet, but I picked up the dark bronze. I thought it was an unusual metallic. And the branding on this bag is really subtle. And I’ve been obsessing over chain straps at the moment.

    Any other fans of the Whitney Shoulder Bags?
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  2. How exciting! I think that metallic color will be great this fall and winter!

    I do not have one but I too love the shape of the Whitney shoulder bags. I’ve been looking at some of the embellished ones. I love the studded ones and the new winter colors with mixed media are gorgeous. I also like the smoothness of how the lock works. Ultimately I think the bag might be too small for me but I’m still thinking about it.

    I look forward to hearing how the bag works for you!
  3. I recently purchased the MK x Yang Mi studded Whitney in red. I love it! I’ve gotten many compliments.
    I do wish it didn’t have the center divider. I don’t carry much on a daily basis (car/house keys, lip gloss, phone, wallet, sunglasses) and the center divider makes the bag fit less.
    Keys & lip gloss are fine in the back zip pocket. My sunglasses (in a case) are a tight squeeze to get in, iPhone plus fits fine, but with sunglasses and phone my wallet doesn’t fit at all. I have to put cards/cash loose in the center divider and not use a wallet.
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  4. I’m so happy to hear someone here has a MK x Yang Mi bag!! I’ve been really lusting over the studding of those bags.

    I’ve not seen the bag in person. The red looks to die for from the online photos. Is it a true red? Or does it have a bluish or orange tint?

    That’s definitely a tight fit with the inner compartments. I’m impressed you got a sunglasses case in there.

    Thanks for sharing about it! It’s a unique piece and doesn’t surprise me you’ve already been getting lots of compliments!
  5. It’s a true red! I want to call it cherry red.
    The studs & the chain strap really shine/sparkle when the light hits it!
    If you don’t need sunglasses on a daily basis then a small wallet would definitely fit. The chain strap is very lightweight too. I was worried when it ordered it, it might be too heavy but it turned out very light without feeling cheap.