Whitney Looked Great + Look Who Else Showed Up @The Carousel Of Hope Ball

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  4. Some of your pics aren't showing up Prada...I am so glad Whitney seems to be getting her act together!
  5. I'm amazed at how good Whitney looks
  6. Thanks Prada, what nice piccies. I think Whitney looks fantastic there, dumping the driftwood has done wonders for her :smile:

  7. :shrugs: Not sure why ?? Sorry, I see all of them !
  8. She looks fantastic.
  9. Whitney looks great...good for her....so much for the naturally skinny bull.
  10. I can only see the Whitney ones and the Rita Wilson ones. :confused1:

    Whitney looks absolutely amazing. Rita Wilson is far too classy to be showing so much cleavage. Not to mention she's a bit old for that, no? :wtf:
  11. right!
  12. Wow, Rita's got some big boobs. It looks odd for her to dress that way. Haylie Duff looks great, so does Terri Hatcher.
  13. Prada where you at the gala? GREAT PICS once again thank you!!! Whitney looks gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!! :yahoo:
  14. Rita Wilson ALWAYS has her boobs hanging out. Whitney looks beautiful, and I'm glad to see it!
  15. Sorry Ladies! I hope this works.
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