Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown Split!

  1. Yahoo!
  2. I remember when Whitney was normal. Then she married him and it was all downhill for her. Its a damn shame.
  3. It's about TIME! Woohoo!
  4. I heard he hooked up with the Video Vixen.
  5. I have heard this all before - again and again. I wish she would stay away from him - I think they are both bad for each other.

    I would love for Whitney to get off drugs for good and become the person she had so much potential to be. She just breaks my heart. Peggy
  6. They are so weird.
  7. yay...I hope she can clean up her act!!!
  8. I think they are not good for each other. Maybe now she can concentrate on being the artist we know she can be.
  9. well, this is kinda sad.. but good for her...
  10. Yay! I really hope Whitney can get her life back in order and make a comeback!
  11. Why now?

    I think they are a cute couple. I love watching "Being Bobby Brown".
  12. he's been photographed stepping out on her, I guess this has been coming. . .
  13. Did you see the show?
    Now can you tell me if anyone else could deal with her?

    Do'nt get me wrong I love Whitney but boy is she hard to get along with.
  14. About time! I want the old Whitney back. Used to love her so much in the late 80s.