Whiting and Davis bags

  1. Can anyone tell me more about Whiting and Davis bags? I fell in love with a small, detailed enamel bag but don't know if it was real and what the value is. It's from my local vintage store.
  2. Zappos.com has a big selection. I like the evening mesh bags. They are reasonably priced. I don't think they have been faked.
  3. My grandmother gave me a gorgeous mesh eveing bag from the 1930's...I still think it is the prettiest bag ever. I think the older ones are fairly expensive.
  4. I have a vintage mesh evening clutch - kisslock closure. It is still in perfect condition. Though they are reasonably priced now, I believe they were considered an IT BAG in the 40's.
  5. Those bags are fantastic. As bagsforme states, go onto Zappos to compare prices and you'll have some idea of what the value is. Some are low, like around $50, but they do get fairly expensive. They are unique and fabulous! I highly doubt the one you saw is a fake - I've seen other metal mesh bags, but not that actually said "Whiting & Davis). Good luck!
  6. Thanks so much for the help. I appreciate it. I am going back to the store and if it's there, than it's meant to be.:P