Whitham01 on eBay

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  1. I've searched throught the threads and found some vague information but I just wondered if anyone has dealt with this seller before and whether they are completley legit?


    I havent decided if I want to buy anything yet but am completley worried about handing over this much cash if it's a fake, so I just want as much feedback any of you have as possible!
  2. I haven't bought from this seller but I have looked at many of their bags. Feedback is excellent and the bags look authentic to me. I would buy from them if I saw something I wanted. They have some nice vintage pieces.
  3. Yes, there bags are authentic. One thing you need to make sure is to read the auction description to see what is available with the bag. In the past they would stage the bags (for pictures) with items that were not available with the bag.

  4. Are you 1000% sure that thay only sell authentic bags?:confused1:
  5. I have bought four bags from them - all authentic. As one poster said just make sure to read the print to see what comes with the bag. All of my buying experiences have been pleasant.