Whiten your teeth while you tan?!

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  1. I've seen this once in a tanning salon. but didn't have the chance to try it, has anyone tried this product?:confused1:

    Twilight Teeth and Hollywood Whites.

  2. Whoaa...no way! I've never heard of that at any place i've tanned but tht would be pretty cool!
  3. Twilight Teeth? Does it cause the upper canine teeth to grow? Or does it make them just somehow different in an unspecified but kinda scary way, like Cullen teeth?

    And why doesn't it make your skin all sparkly? Vampires aren't tan.

    Is the bottle made like that to make it easy to swallow? It must taste awful.

    Does just one droplet do both, or do you have to put extra droplets on key areas of your skin for the tanning part?

    And what if you mess up, will it tan your teeth and whiten your skin?
  4. bwahah twilight tan :] :]
  5. My sister used this before. It works the same way as Zoom, but not as effectively. If you're looking for a good at-home whitener Nite White Excel is awesome!
  6. I just thought it would "kill two birds with one stone" kinda thing lol! I've always gotten huge results from whiteners, so I was wondering about the feed back on them!
  7. i've been using it four about a month... i haven't thought that its really done anything though lol yet i continue using it. the one at my tanning place is 30$ and its lasted me this long. i'm a big coffee drinker too though and also i dont usually wait the full 15 minutes after whiteming to i drink something like it says to.