Whiteflash Necklace by the Yard (Tiffany's DBTY look alike) question

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  1. Does anyone have the Whiteflash necklace by the yard? It has 7 diamonds, 0.5 tcw, and comes in either 18k gold or platinum.

    I am thinking about getting it, and have a few questions.

    Is Whiteflash a reliable retailer for diamonds? Has anyone ever ordered from them? How was your experience?

    If someone has the necklace by the yard or a Tiffany's DBTY with 7 diamonds, can you post a modeling picture? I am unsure if 7 diamonds may be too many....

    Thanks for your help!


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  2. I have ordered from Whiteflash once. I got the petite Dreams of Africa pendant to check out the quality of the ACA diamonds.
    Everything went smoothly and I was pleased with the jewelry quality. My one BIG beef is that they will not deliver to a home. You have to go to the FedEX facility to pick up your package; in my case that is significantly out of my way.
  3. I have only heard excellent things about Whiteflash on pricescope.com :yes:
    wow. I have never heard that they do not deliver to your home though! That's crazy.
  4. Thank you both for your responses. It's a bummer that WF does not deliver to a home address....
  5. I have a custom made DBTY necklace (with a pear diamond pendant) by Whiteflash. The bezel melees are 7 pts (0,07 ct) each, and they measure approximately 3mm diameter. 5-pts bezel melees are slightly smaller. I think the 7-pts are very, very tiny, so the 5-pts will be too small for me. The melees in my necklace is spaced 1 1/8 inches apart. If there are 7, 5-pt melees in a 16-inch necklace, the spacing would be about 2.6 inches.

    For small melees such as 5pts or 7pts, 7 melees in a necklace would not be too many. If you prefer, you can request for the melees to be placed in the front with smaller spacing. This way, you can enjoy these sparklers and do not have to worry about being poked in the back of your neck when you lie down.

    My expereince with purchase from Whiteflash has been very positive. Other than excellent customer service, reliable jeweler, I love their high quality ACA diamonds that are guranteed to be sparklers with lots of fire.

    Yes, I do have to go to Fedex to pick up my purchase. I need to show a photo ID in order to receive the package. Do not like the extra drive, but feel that this method provides a safe delivery. I do not have to watch out for the delivery for fear of someone taking my package. (Do not want $$$ item left in front of my garage or on my driveway.) I can pick it up whenever it is convenient for me to do so.

    I do not have Tiffany's DBTY necklace, so I can't post photos.
  6. Voodoodoll, I recently placed an order with WF (my first order, and this is my first posting on purse forum too!). The people there were very helpful and patient, sending me photos of similar type necklaces and closeups of the bezels, etc. I am getting a 16", platinum, 2.00 ct dbty necklace with 13 - .15pt ACA melees, with 2" extender. Not only is the WF version more affordable than the Tiffany one, I was able to create a custom made necklace - T's version is 16" with 11 - .14 pt. diamonds totalling 1.54 ct for $6500 (they will throw in the extender for free). My version has more and larger diamonds for quite a bit less. I should be receiving it around Tuesday. Can't wait! Best of all, my BF is treating me to it (this will be my valentine's day and birthday gifts for the next couple of years...hey, we'll see about that. :lolots:smile: Good luck with your decision.
  7. cant wait to see pics Ambereyes!
  8. Candice0985, will have my BF help me with the pics (he's a professional photographer). Can't wait to get it. Thx.
  9. oooh excellent, better than my crappy photo skills!!
  10. i've heard good things about whiteflash. (and station jewelry has been around for ages- tiff just markets it!) gl! great piece!
  11. Ambereyes,

    Did you ever get your DBTY necklace? Were you pleased? Can you post photos?
    Can't wait to see!!!!
  12. Their diamonds are great. I didn't find their workmanship to be very good with metalwork however. And I didn't find their customer service regarding their poor workmanship to be acceptable at all, so I will never buy from them, nor will I ever recommend them.

    They are fine for just diamonds. But I will never buy anything pre-set from them again, especially not custom.