1. Hello...
    Need some help here.
    Anyone bought any LV purses from whitefashion on eBay? Just that I found it strange that one of their items had 2 bid last night but none today.... any reasons for that?

  2. Do you mean the bids were removed? Because the people who had bids on the items might not have met the sellers buying requirements.
  3. I haven't bought anything off them but maybe they were bidders with bad feedback etc and they got their bid cancelled?:shrugs: Or bidders could've retracted their bid?
  4. thanks, ladies. More opinion would be much appreciate as I've never bought anythign above $100 from eBay and I'm very nervous.

    I guess that's what happened. The bids have been removed and i wonder why.
  5. Are you referring to the Trompe L'Oeil Pochette bag the seller is selling? I had a look and this is the reason the seller gave for removing the bid:

    Explanation:will not make contact over 5 days and is 0 feedback

  6. YUp. That's the one. WHat does that mean? "will not make contact over 5 days"??? The bidder did not contact her??? Hmm...

    Darn. That means I can't get anythign from her cos I have no feedback cos I'm new to eBay!
  7. Yes you are right, probably the bidder did not contact the seller prior to bidding nor did they contact him/her after they bidded.

    I think you can still bid if you want that bag, just contact the seller prior to bidding and say you're really interested but you are new to eBay. They normally give you the ok anyways :smile:
  8. Cool. Thanks, MissL! xx
  9. sorted. thanks again.
  10. Another bag, Edz? :graucho:
  11. Oooh.... :nuts:
  12. good luck
  13. Been thinking about it....

    Now I regretted not getting the Kirsten when I had the chance! Well, I had 2 chances to buy it from the store! God! Fickle me! :wacko:

    Just a few nights ago my friend asked me whether I want anything from Paris cos she's going there in 2 weeks time. You can imgaine my list now. I'm packing up and yet still shopping! Just went to the LV store wiht my DH last night but bought nothing.

    Heard you've bought a BH. Congrats!