1. Does anyone have a Whitebus bag? I think Laura on Project Runway has one, and want to know more...

    How much for a standard box colour, 40cm?

    And can these be ordered without waitlisting?

  2. I just noticed that last night while watching Project Runway! Funnyredhed has one. Loook in the Members' Hermes Items reference thread. :flowers:
  3. i was watching PR TOO! lol what does a whitebus look like?
  4. I kept wondering if her bag on PR was the Whitebus, but couldn't tell because the camera is always far away and I couldn't see the pocket opening.
    'funnyredhead' has a beautiful Whitebus. I think it is such an elegant bag and the stores can do an inventory search for one and I would bet that there would be some great color/leather options around. I have seen it offered several times in chevre.
  5. the white bus is really great!
    i got one offered in marbella/spain in rouge h.
    i couldnt decide yet if i should take white bus or paris bombay MM in black or any birkin 35 in clemence(i have already one in vert anis)
    i just dont know if the white bus does look to formal???
  6. Any pictures of the "mystery" Whitebus available? Please post photos/links here....

    :heart: baggiegirl
  7. CHeck out the Members Hermes Items thread in the sticky section.
  8. I have and saw the pictures... but how much, ladies??? how much does a whitebus 40 cm cost?
  9. here is spain apprx. 3.600EUR i think in epson.really beautiful model!
  10. Yes - I think Laura on PR does have a WhiteBus! I totally forgot about that!

    I recall a 39 cm cyclamen Whitebus in Epsom was an even $4000 in May of this year (SF store).
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