whitebus vs. passe-passe

  1. Ladies,
    i am wondering about your opinion on a classic and understated working bag.
    Usually i carry my 36HAC around for work (laptop and documents) but sometimes i need an 'invisible' bag.
    what are you thoughts on the whitebus and on passe-passe??
  2. I like the look and simplicity of the whitebus. Does it have feet?

    Do you have a picture of the passe-passe to share? The only passe-passe I know is the new watch that comes with 2 interchangeable straps.
  3. I don't know the passe-passe, but I really like the Whitebus. I considered getting one myself back when I was working. Very understated and elegant - but still looks rich!
  4. Passe-passe just looks a little cumbersome with those handles. Whitebus has a more functional shape.
  5. I've carried a Whitebus as my briefcase for the past 5 years...wonderful decision for me...sturdy, beautiful, understated and accommodates everything.
  6. Definitely Whitebus! Passe Passe looks somehow not so elegant, it always reminds me a bit of one of those holders for newspapers and magazines.....
  7. Whitebus des not have feet. Wonder how the bottom would wear?
  8. wasnt white bus what laura from Season 2 of project Runway carrying?