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  1. Can I still wear my white city bag? :shrugs:
  2. do you mean because it's fall? That's up to you. I don't wear white white in the fall ,so I wouldn't wear it, but if you have something it matches, then go for it.
  3. Of course you can, I have a white city and I love it
  4. of course you can.... as long as you still love it! :P
  5. I think white after labor day is a personal preference thing. I wouldn't wear white pants or shoes after but a white bag is different in my opinion.
  6. I say definately yes. White is the new black. I have friends in NJ and NY and they siad white has become acceptable all year long. In CA and FL it's worn year round now.
  7. Thank you for the feedback. I think I will wear it. :yahoo:
  8. Of course. Please wear it! I love white city bags and wish I would see more.
  9. absolutley! here is an idea for you.:flowers:
    plaid skirt and white bal.jpg
  10. If I am going to spend $1195 on a bag, I WOULD wear it year-round!
  11. I agree that you can absolutely wear your white bag whenever you want.
  12. why wouldn't you wear it?... if you love it, flaunt it, wear it!
  13. I honestly dont care for if its fall, winter, spring, summer. I wear all my bags all year round regardless of season. I love all my bags to pieces and I wear it because I want to wear it!

    so by all means, wear it because you want to wear it!
  14. ^^ ditto :tender:
  15. I totally agree - white is forever!