1. Ali Or Mandy? I Must Decide Tonight So I Can Order On Sat.
    Please Help Me!!!
  2. I vote for the Ali. It's just TDF in the white! :yes:
  3. I have the Ali in the whiskey and the white. I love them both. I don't much care for the Mandy Courier. I owned the black Mandy briefly but found it had to much hardware for my taste so I sold it. Good luck making your decision.
  4. pompilit and LizCordova -thanks for your input, I think I am leaning towards the Ali now.
  5. Mandy!
  6. Ali
  7. Mandy!!!
  8. LOL This would be great as a poll. :idea:
  9. Mandy!!
  10. I say ALI! I have it & love it!
  11. ali!ali!ali!
  12. Mandy!!
  13. Both are great looking bags, but I would go Ali
  14. Ali!!
  15. Ali!! I have the Ali in white and it's beautiful!