White with gold or silver hardware

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Silver or Gold hardware do you like best with white classic flap

  1. Silver

  2. Gold

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  1. Gold or silver hardware works best with white classic flap?

    I only have seen pic of white flap with silver hardware but not the gold one. any one have pic, pls?
  2. I like both, do I have to choose one or the other?
  3. Their both extremely pretty. I dont believe Chanel made white with gold hardware recently. Because white is a seasonal color - almost all seasonal colors only come in silver for the past year or so.
    Unless you want to wait another year or who knows when I dont think you can get a new white with gold. Anyways I maybe wrong but my point is their both just as gorgeous. Might as well get whts available now
  4. Oh as for pictures their all over eBay. :smile:
  5. (two thumbs up for Silver)
  6. Definitely SILVER all the way! It looks great with the white! I think Yorelica is right about the silver... I haven't seen a white with gold HW in the store for awhile - it's been a few years.
  7. I like both, but white with silver is a little edgier and more modern. White with gold is more classic and elegant. Depends on your style.
  8. Silver defintely gets my vote!
  9. i agree, great description!
  10. That was my search mission this spring. I wanted a white caviar classic bag with palladium hardware. I will try to take a pic of it for you.
  11. SILVER is my favorite.... but they are SOOOOO hard to find (white caviar that is).... good luck!!!
  12. My vote's for silver... only because I think gold looks better (and reminds me of classic Chanel) with the black!
  13. I have the white caviar east/west with the silver. I :heart: the combination:yes:
  14. I think there I know where there is a white caviar with silver :smile: hehe
    I was offered one a couple weeks ago but I decided to wait !
  15. they are both pretty. they give the bag a totally different look. the gold i think dresses the bag more. the silver makes it more versatile.
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