White with black Fendi Spy

  1. I have taken to this bag but can't seem to find it. There is a pic of Lindsey Lohan with one (black braided handles/white Napa leather). Any other pics? Where to find it? Thanks! :P
  2. Here's one of Nicole Ritchie with the same bag.

  3. And two of Ms. Lohan with the white spy (she has like 4 spy bags !! At least !!)


  4. That is one gorgeous bag! Although I'd be afraid of getting it dirty...:P
  5. what a pretty bag! i'm so jealous of them! good luck finding it
  6. Gwen also has one with red handles instead of black, hard to decide which one I like better !

  7. Thanks for the pics! It is definately a hot bag:love: I'm wondering if this is in stores yet.
  8. Wasn't really into the spy, but I love this one (esp. the black and white one).
  9. they look so nice.
  10. ooo gwen stefani's white with red is totally hot. i definitely prefer that over the black.
  11. I wasn't either but I spotted the black on white, I suddenly wanted one. I just can't find the darn thing!

    Fayden I like the red and white too but I don't think it would go with as much as the black/white.
  12. Since I am in constant search of good Fendi, I'll let you know if I see one. I pretty much check websites everyday. I get NM when I can.
  13. Me too. I keep checking the NM site but don't see one yet. Please PM me when you see one!
  14. Weren't these released last year? :unsure: Around the same time as the sequin spy I think.
  15. Not sure but there sure have been hard to find.