White with Black CC Reporter on Sale at Nordstrom Seattle!

  1. If anyone is looking for a white Reporter with Black CC logo Denise has one on sale right now for $2089. Give her a call at 206.628.1397.

    This is the size that is originally $3175 - the medium, not the mini.
  2. what a deal!!
  3. wow awesome roey! know of anyother black/white items on sale? i thought these dont go on sale!
  4. I wish the Reporter was white on black, not black on white! She has had this one since the spring/summer sale; the white doesn't sell as well as the black.

    This is the only one that I know of right now. My NM s/a has been trying to find me a sale white on black with no luck. We are hoping someone will return one soon!
  5. girls, I'm looking for black/black? please help,!
  6. Ooh. If I did not already have the white/python I would but it