White wallet -- what do you think?

  1. My husband said a white wallet would be cute, I'm wondering if this is practical? It gonna be hard to keep it clean, unless I don't use it often, meaning no shopping!? Do you own one? Do you think I should get one?

  2. I'm not sure about white leather but I had a white fabric wallet and it was hard for me to keep clean. I imagine leather would be easier than fabric to keep clean. Definitely weigh your pros and cons before committing.
  3. what is it with guys and white leather??? My boyfriend said the same thing!!! I went against it...im not that careful with stuff :sad: and i knew it would be SOOO hard to keep clean

    I love the brown because its like whatever...u cant tell if its dirty...but with the white EVERY SINGLE spot will show....and if u keep pens in ur purse....OMG im shuddering at the thought of a big blue line across a beautiful gucci wallet!!!

    If ur a clean freak then id say go for it...shoo ill be jealous of u! :smile:
  4. Unfortunately I'm not a clean freak at all :sweatdrop: and I probably have to put the dust bag on all the time to keep it clean (my friend did that with her D&G wallet, which I find it to be funny...) So I am going to get this one instead:


    But I don't mind if he buy me one though!:p

    I guess guys always dream of marrying an angel in white outfit with white purse and white sandals?
  5. my friend has the white handbag and its always looking dirty. wallet with money, change and everything else that goes in it will make it dirty quick. i would go with black.
  6. I like the look of the white better but I would also go with the black.Better safe that sorry. With all the crap I keep in my purse I could never keep it clean. I have a white leather coach tote and it is messed up but I still love it.
  7. I had a white wallet last year and honestly, it got dirty really fast. I was much more careful w/ my white bag though. It survived to live another summer.....

  8. Definitely go with the one you posted in black. White tends to dirty easily like everyone else has said.
  9. Great choice!!! :nuts:

    The white would definitely be too hard to maintain... :yes:
  10. I wouldn't do a white wallet. I would stick with a darker color. Most of the wallets I see on eBay that are light colored tend to look really dirty.
  11. I have a white LV multicolore wallet and it has stayed very clean except for some light stains on the brown leather (I used it in a cheap purse with blue lining, and the blue dye rubbed off on the brown leather). The white on there though is the canvas, not leather, so maybe that stays a little bit cleaner? Personally, I like white wallets, but just be careful not to make the same mistake I did.
  12. I think you made a good decision to buy the black wallet, because I go crazy when I ruin my designer items!
  13. Unfortunately, the black wallet was stolen from my package :sad: .... So the search continues :search:
  14. oh no :sad: how about a fabric one with white leather trim?