White. Wait blue. Definitely white....or blue.

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  1. I'm definitely getting a rogue today!!!!! My only problem is color. I have purchased a few white bags in my lifetime and returned them because I get scared. But you only live once, right? And I love the black accents. I'm usually not a fan of pastels but I love the nomad in cornflower so I think it might be pretty in this style. I know it's my decision but which do you ladies like better?


  2. CORNFLOWER - I had it and loved it
  3. These were my choices too! I love the cornflower blue, but my only concern was that it was too blue, I'd love a little more grey mixed in the color. The Chalk is the one I ended up ordering because of the two tone color. I don't like an all white bag, but with the black accents it looks stunning!! These Rogue bags are luxury!!!. Good luck!!!
  4. Seeing them in person is best. After seeing them all, I gravitated toward a color I didn't expect based on pics. If you cannot see them IRL first, I would recommend ordering both and returning one of them once you decide. That way you know for sure!
  5. I really like the chalk rogue. I'm ordering one in chalk and one in black today or tomorrow. I bought a chalk Rhyder last year and it still looks like brand new. I use baby wipes without alcohol to clean it.
  6. I like the Cornflower.
  7. The white(chalk) does look fantastic with the contrast handle. However to me for a bag this pricey, you want to use it and white just is not as practical for daily use. Cornflower is very pretty and is light enough imo. lol.

    Really though, it's up to you, go with what calls to you most. ;)
  8. I'm also trying to decide between chalk and mineral. I'm really loving the idea of chalk, but like you I'm a bit scared but also of the mind that you only live once lol.

    What will we do???????? I'm going to be able to see them in person Saturday - I've been looking for pics of the chalk but was only able to find one, but it was a beauty.

    Good luck, I'm leaning towards chalk - maybe we can be chalk twinsies. :biggrin:
  9. I love cornflower. I would be really scared to carry the chalk especially because of price. It would ruin the whole experience for me.....:smile:
  10. I'm definitely going in. Which did you pick?
  11. I saw white in person and it's gorgous. I like mineral but have more gold/brass purses then I want. Plus wasn't sure if it was too dark for spring and summer
  12. I love the look of black and white combo! I think it looks classier. I personally have a fear of white bags, but it depends on your lifestyle and wardrobe you wear. That might not be an issue for you. Then again blue is always good (I have a weakness for blue bags lol). Let us know what you decide. :smile:

    Hopefully you have a PCE to use. :smile:
  13. Cornflower! I saw it last week and it is gorgeous!
  14. They are both gorgeous. I love cornflower-you should definitely look at them in person. I find the online pictures make cornflower look more bright/pastel than they look in person, though that also depends on the leather.
  15. I prefer cornflower (and the monochromatic one-color look). However, not sure how well the handles will fair long term since it is a light color.
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