White vs Black suhali in le talenteux?

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  1. Hello there, I think my husband is finally going to give on this one. My birthday is coming up and I have prepped him that I want a new bag. After various combinations, I think that I've finally narrowed my choices to the white or black. My first inclination is white, it's just so stunning, but I worry about the dirt, etc, eventhough I'm very anal and careful. Which would you guys do? On the side, do you think that I should go for this dresssy bag, or do the chloe paddington, which I've already ordered, but am thinking about returning for the suhali?
  2. I really like the suhali le talenteux, I think it'd be a lasting bag, maybe moreso than the paddington. And I would probably go for Black personally, just because there would be less fears about dirt and the colour goes with everything !
  3. Yeah, I'm leaning towards the black too, the only thing is that my sister, who lives 45 mins away, so we combine our collections, has the black suhali in the Le Amiable, the small one. But it's sooooo small, really just an evening bag. I'm torn, and I need to decide by midnight, preferably before the price goes up. But I'm beginning to agree about the paddington.
  4. If you'd like some inspiration, you should check out Fivalasvega's bag collection (http://www.purseforum.com/showthread.php?t=4839). She has le tal, l'amiable and le fab all in white and they're gorgeous ! Also, it can give you an idea of the sizing of the bags since they're in the picture together.

    Maybe if you decide against the paddington, you could invest in a black le fab, I think this is probably my favourite Suhali bag, it's a really good size, not too small and it just seems really practical. Jewelbear has a picture of hers in her collection thread (http://www.purseforum.com/showthread.php?t=4692), it's black and to die for !
  5. Ayla, thanks so much for your helpful links and info. After seeing FLVa's pics, I'm tempted with the white, just so stunning. I'll ask my hubby again to see what he thinks, he really could care less. He just keeps thinking I'm insane and that if I buy a really nice bag, I woun't want another one for awhile.... little does he know. Do you have any white bags? How have they worn?
  6. Like Ayla, the Black Le Fab is probably my favorite Suhali bag and will probably be my next Suhali piece. However, I have a white L'Epanoui GM (collection thread), and I find that it doesn't get dirty and cleans extremely easily with a damp cloth. I've taken it everywhere, even out in the rain and snow, and it doesn't stain. I brushed it against a dirty salt-covered car, and it cleaned so easily I was shocked. :smile:

    I love the white because it glows and the golden brass pieces complement it perfectly. The red finish on the edges is signature Louis Vuitton, which is something you won't get with the other Suhali colors.

    Don't let white intimidate you. Let us know what you pick!
  7. Ah unfortunately no, so I'm not really sure how they wear over time - I've been really paranoid about light colours. I figure if you're paying so much for a bag, you should go with a colour that won't cause you endless amounts of worry, otherwise you won't feel good while using the bag !

    clanalois does have some useful, first hand information about the suhali, and I'm so ridiculously green with envy at her l'epanoui ! (it's adorable !)
  8. I love the white suhali, I think it's so classy and elegant.
  9. The white is a real head turner!!
  10. i bought the le talentoux but returned it because it was too small- and i don't carry a ton of sh--. i exchanged it for the le fabiuleaux, which is perfect- but pretty pricey. as for black or white- black is always useful and will never mar. white is stunning but may show its age sooner. decide based on what you think you'll carry more- for that price you 'll want to carry it often!
  11. I love the white!
  12. Man oh man, this is sooooo tough! Clanalois, I saw your awesome picure of the white l'empanoui, it's absolutely gorgeous!!! I so appreciate your first hand experience with it. Very useful. I'm going to poner about it for the next half hour. Just as another side, I just purchased the medium monogram canvas back pack, but after pursedoc's comments on the size of the bag, should I return it and just go for the one L'epanoui instead? Oh decisions, decisions...help.
  13. Alright, I just did it. "And the verdict is......white le talentoux!" I'm feeling pretty good about it. By the way, elux is having a free shipping promo with code LEAP through Mar 20. I got a great deal by shopping through them, no shipping or taxes. I feel like I got a louis on sale, which never happens.
  14. Wow, congratulations!!! Wear it well, and be sure to share unpacking/opening pictures! :smile:
  15. I would probably return the backpack but I'm not into bps anyway and get the l'epanoui in black. It's such a classical and beautiful bag