white voyage-yeah or nay??

  1. heya everyone!

    I am looking into buying a second balenciaga-this time a voyage or another work bag..........but had a question: is the white balenciaga color really hard to keep clean?? Or can one just wipe off the dirt with baby whipes??

    Pics of white balenciagas would be really really appreciated too;)

  2. white would be beautiful, but i would imagine it would be difficult to keep clean, especially the handles.

    did you see these pics of lindsey with a white work and kylie with a white weekender/voyage? gorgeous!:love:

    i wanted to add that kylie is only 5'.
    lindseywhite.jpg kylie.jpg
  3. white is beautiful but difficult. As with all the lighter B-bag colors, you are going to either have to do lots of maintenance to keep it pristine, particularly the handles, or simply love it as it ages and shows wear. Tough call. I avoid lighter colors simply because I live in NYC, and everything gets dirty.
  4. wow, that looks NICE.....hmm, but now thinking of it..........maybe I should get another color........how about a purplish brown or maybe a turquoise for the work?? but please remember I am a boy;)

    thanks for all your help ladies.......you make my life easier

  5. Hennaria, if you think white would be too difficult to keep clean, what about a caramel work?
  6. hennaria, there is a men's weekender as well. the handles are a bit larger and it doesn't come with a mirror. you might want to consider that style. if you can find a turquoise work definitely go for it! that is my dream color.:love: purplish brown? which color is that, not sure?
  7. I'd go for a color! I just got a khaki voyage and I loove it and i'm not afraid of it <g>....I did just get an off white older hobo, but since it's off white and a hobo I think it would be easier to maintain than a white weekender which you'd probably have to put down on the floor at times or in an airplane overhead compartment...but i see your dilemma, white bags are so hot!
  8. yeppers, the white's pretty, but i'd go for a color in the voyage too!!!

    p.s. AR's sold out of the men's, but the nyc store might have 'em ;)