White Vintage Ligne.....

  1. Me too, love that bag
  2. yes, still availbale as far as I know. My NM had it in black when I was there a week ago, I think it also comes in one or 2 shades of brown and a grey color.
  3. I love it, but it seems kind of bulky to me :-/
  4. Totally Gorgeous, Loves it! So Smushy and yummy lol!
    Does anybody know the retail of this bag?
  5. ^^it's not bulky at all. I'm sure that bag is stuffed so it photographs better.

    There's a WHOLE Vintage Ligne and they're FAB!!!
  6. Gorgeous bag!! Unfortunately white is no longer available. Hopefully they will reissue for the spring line!
  7. thanks :sad: I am sad.. but its okay!!