White Vintage Chanel Lambskin Bag Care

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  1. Hi ladies- and a few gents probably :smile: ,

    I am not sure whether I am posting in the right section or not. But I looked and could not find any info on this.

    So I've read the discussion about looking after Chanel bags. That you shouldn't use shoe polish (which btw was my first instinct) and that you should use your fingers instead.

    But I've got a white vintage Chanel bag in baby soft lambskin. It was stored by the window and I didn't wear it for a few years.

    I have recently fell back in love with it- but I've noticed that it almost looks like it's dried up quite a bit and that the leather looks "thirsty". I am guessing it's due to the sun hitting it for so long :sad: And due to it being white it looks very obvious imo.

    Is there anything I can do myself or do I have to take it to one of those bag spa places? I didn't want to do that yet because I wanted to wait to wait till it has some more wear showing. Literally clueless :wacko:

    Has anyone dealt with anything similar? Any help would be greatly appreciated :flowers:
  2. You might have to take it to the spa.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.