White Vinil Coco Cabas Bag-help

  1. Does someone knows where I can find/buy/order a the white coco cabas bag in vinyl, the biggest one?!?! PLease help me,
    I thank you all in advance:heart:
  2. I was under the impression that chanel never made the cabas in white vinyl, I think those r fakes.

    Experts, SA's???

  3. Oh really?!?!?!?:crybaby:
  4. There is no white vinyl cabas as far as I know. The only one I ever saw was a fake on eBay.
  5. :nogood: The white vinyl Cabas doesn't even exist...fakes only!:push::tdown:

  6. Is it??
    Can anyone verify??
    I'm pretty sure I've seen one before.:cursing::cursing:
  7. I wish they had one!!! I would love to have that in white!!
  8. I've never seen white vinyl cabas... I don't think it exist!
  9. I've only seen the white leather ones.
    I agree with the others, I don't think there was ever a white vinyl.
  10. Pre-fall will have white rock vinly bags. You can check the pre-fall/ACT I thread.

  11. Yes,i've seen them too on eBay...but still they are fakes :p They sell them in red vinyl too :wtf: The white is available in leather only and the new 2007 Rock ones have the flap and they are not available in white anyway :yes:
  12. they def. only have the vinyl in black! i'm sure about it, whatever u see is fake. i think someone in eBay tried to sell her fake white vinyl for more than 1500$ yuck!