White Venetia

  1. What shades/colors of white are Venetias made? I really want to buy a white bag this year and have been contemplating a Stella, Hudson and now I have added a Venetia to the list of possibilites. I have seen some on E-bay, but some look stark white and others looks a little muted. Of course, most of the listings don't have the actual MJ color name, so it is difficult to research these shades. Does anyone remember Venetia shades?

    I am not usually a white, white bag person...usually a little too Beauty Queen, white bag and shoes thing, but I am opening up my mind to the concept of a white bag for Spring/Summer.

    Thanks for any info!!!
  2. Good luck with your search! I totally know what you mean about some looking stark and some looking muted. But then again, it's pretty hard to tell exactly from just looking online. I think "Chalk" is a color that has/will be released for this Spring.

    I have an Ivory PW Venetia. I love it, it's not White, so it might hide dirt/smudges better than a shade of white IF it starts to get dirty. But I've been careful with her and whenever I take her out I dont touch public surfaces (handles, rails, etc) to make sure I don't transfer dirt and I always have my andtibacterial hand sanitizer with me. It is a bit more tedious to be mindful of versus a dark colored handbag. Keep that in mind...
  3. I don't think I've ever seen a Venetia in white but I know that there's the yogurt color out...not sure if it is as white as you want it to be. I think tadpoblenyc bought an mp not too long ago and posted pictures. It looks very nice but it is definitely not bright white...good luck with your search. A white hudson sounds very nice though. Has anybody seen one? What is the contrast color for the stripes?
  4. Here are some of the bags I was looking at (Disregard the first one...is is Putty):




    Just curious if anyone knows what color these whites are...I posted this in authenticity thread, so not even sure if these are real.

    The Hudson is all white. It was a special edition, only sold in MJ boutiques. There is a pic somewhere on this site. I will look for it and post a link.

    Check out post#28 in this thread...the lady in the background has a white Hudson:

  5. 2nd link says it is putty.

    Regarding the first link, u might want to ask the seller what the serial tag in the inner pocket says. Then maybe the experts can identify what colors were released based on that season in the "Identify this bag" thread or you can search through the Reference Guide based on season.

    3rd link the page is not responding.

    Good luck!:tup:
  6. I once won a venetia on eBay that was a beautiful shade of off white. According to the seller it was "stark white" but I think she was mistaken. I unfortunately don't know the name of the color but it had reddish trim and brown suede interior. I returned it though because it was badly stained. Maybe someone else knows the color I'm referring to?
  7. ^^ I think you would have to post pics in the Name that Bag thread along with the interior serial tag to give the experts a better idea. All of MJ's "whites" are so different yet similar! :p
  8. Sounds like Oatmeal, it is an off-white/tannish color with reddish brown trim and lining--love that combo. If I could find a new one, think I'd snap it up.:yes:
  9. no, I have a bag in oatmeal. The glue on the straps of this particular shade was red.
  10. my resort 07 yogurt mp is not a stark white. i would say it's cream/ivory with light tan contrast stitching and brown suede interior. it looks really nice with the gold hardware. i'm not sure if the venetia was released in yogurt, but you could call a mj boutique to check. it's the perfect "white" color for me. i not a big fan of bright whites either.
  11. IVORY has red topstitching and brown suede interior and OATMEAL has a Light Brown topstitching and brown suede interior. The bag in the listing you posted looks like Oatmeal to me. :smile:
  12. The suede of oatmeal bags is much lighter and that definitely looks like red stitching to me