White Twiggy Needs A Home

  1. Lisa Hamlin at NM in Troy, MI has a White Twiggy available.
    Her number is (248) 635-8442. Happy shopping!:flowers:
  2. hmmm, a white twiggy would be great!!! darn it... y isn't NZ closer to the USA??? hehehe
  3. helen -- did i ask you this already? i don't think but where do you live in NZ?

    and thanks jag!
  4. price?
  5. The price for the twiggy is $1055

    And your welcome chigirl! Hope someone gets her!
  6. Just an update- twiggy got a new home:flowers: (no, not mine:P)

    Will post if she gets anything new and fabulous in! Cheers!
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