White Twiggy Handbag New With Tags

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  1. If I didn't have that stupid store credit from Bal NY ... :cursing:
  2. Thank you yaya. I think people are still leery of white in winter. I may decide to keep it if it doesn't sell. I love white bags and I carry them all year. We do that in Florida. :P I have 2 white City bags and several other white bags. I still love my MJ white Frankie. Awesome bag. Simple but so slouchy and the leather is yummy.:love: I was naughty today and cheated on Balenciaga. I got my mom a Chanel for Christmas and when I called they had a Jumbo white Flap in Caviar which is the one I like. Before I knew it, I had one for her and one for me. :P I got her the brown with silver and I got the white with silver.
    Will hide this one from fiance for a while.:graucho: I sold several, closet was looking better, but I also bought a few and he noticed it filling up again. One very good thing about Balenciaga's.... you can store them flat if you want to and there can be a lot of bags and it doesn't look like there are a lot. :idea:
  3. You are welcome:love: ....jumbo white sounds yummy. Congrats:yahoo: