White triple chain flap bag... thingy...

  1. I've been offered this bag for $1400 and was wondering if anyone had it, or could identify the ligne.

    I think it's really beautiful, and the price seems like a steal. Is the leather protected at all, or will it get very dirty?


  2. Oooh Rock and Chain! Thanks Swanky.
  3. Pretty bag Em! You should buy it...can't beat that deal!
  4. Great price! I have the exact same bag and it is lovely! Also have the larger version in black.
  5. Do you have any pics of you wearing it? Is it roomy? :smile:
  6. I bought in in black last summer and then returned it because I felt it was too delicate. I think it is lambskin. The white would be very delicate. It is really pretty.
    I think the retail was $1950.
  7. that's a great price and an awesome bag.
  8. Congrats on the rock and chain! :yahoo: Love the statment straps! :yes:
  9. Oh dear I love this bag! :smile: The triple chain is amazing.
  10. The rock & chain bag is made of calfskin. I have the large- it was $1,975.00.
  11. I love that bag. You should get it. I would!! :p
  12. Nice bag....it's rare to find one but the price is too gd to resist...LOLLL
  13. Oh by the way, the calfskin is treated so it is protected.

    If anyone is looking for one, pm me.
  14. I love it!