White trim??

  1. Hello! I was wondering how you bags with the white leather trim are holding up. I am planning on getting the Abbey hobo for Xmas, and I am debating between the fabric cloth with white leather trim and the black fabric cloth with black leather trim. How hard is the white leather to keep clean?? Thanks!!:yes:
  2. i have a gucci tote pink fabric with white leather trim..i just got it a couple of months ago during the summer and i find that my leather trim is turning..off whiteish..from a distance, i dont really notice it at all but once i get close, i can see parts of the trim darker than the other... i think the white leather trim is beautiful but in the long run, the darker color leather trim will be better. as for how to keep the leather clean, hahaa i really need to find out too !
  3. I've used my bag all summer and it still looks as good as new. Here's a pic.
  4. LOL Thanks ladies:smile:
  5. by the way, there are 2 kinds of white trim.. the white white (like toothpaste white trim) which is found with the pink fabric or some monogram canvas ones like the blue one with red and blue web. and the cream/ off-white/bone leather trim. :smile:

    which one are you asking about?

    oh yeah, paging msmelanie, she is the queen of light leather trimmed gucci's!
  6. You remember! :P Well, I have mostly the bone trimmed Gucci and one in the white trim. I'm in love with the brown GG Canvas with the light trim. The leather trim is ok except on my one tote at the side edges, where the leather curves / bends, it does show some wear like cracking. I'd imagine that is normal though. I'm not sure what others have experienced.

  7. Thanks, ladies!!

    BTW, the bag I am asking about is the Abbey hobo in the light GG fabric with the off white handles:smile: v. the same bag but in the black fabric/leather trim:smile:
  8. Does anyone else have good/bad experiences with the white trim?