white too easily dirtied?

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  1. So this is a question out to the ladies with lighter-colored spys or better yet, white spys.
    I am interested in purchasing a spy (white, gray, or zucca), and i must say that the white is definitely my #1 choice.
    Do you ladies out there think it would be an unnecessary high maintenance to own the white?
    Or should i just purchase the white & pray that I stop being so clumsy :shame:
  2. and also, are you supposed to use baby wipes to clean it like how u do with the LVs?
  3. Hmmm, I would be really scared to get white in any bag, especially a precious spy, you would need to be REALLY careful with it, I think.
  4. Oh I forgot to mention, I LOVE the white spy, that would be so hot for the summer!! It would be worth the extra babying :yes:
  5. White is extremely beautiful, but like you, I would be afraid I would get something on it!

    I love my Cognac Spy because the leather is less "high maintenance" than some of the other colors/leathers. I REALLY love the Honey/Tan color, but haven't convinced myself (yet) that I won't ruin it. :confused1:

    I live in Arizona, and because it is soooo dry out here, it is necessary to use hand lotion, which we all know can transfer to the leather of certain handbags (many of my LV's) and darken it.

    Oh, well. Maybe someone who owns some of the lighter colors will have some advice on this.
  6. I love the white Wisteria, but could not own a white spy even though I am very careful with my spys I do not think I would ever take a white spy out in case it got dirty or mark
  7. The white spy is lovely, but I had a major problem with white leather yellowing on a different style Fendi bag. So, I personally will never buy white leather from Fendi again.
  8. Which white spy are you thinking? Spring/summer 05 white spies with green/red/black trimming is different from the white spies of nappa leather.
  9. THis is the second year with my white spy and it is still as immaculate as the day I bought it. I really look after my bags and as long as you don't throw it down on dirty floors etc its staying as bright as my others.

    Heres a pic to tempt you to get a white one!

  10. OMG secret, its gorgeous!
  11. :nuts:

    Wisteria spies make my poor little :heart: ache!
  12. Oooh Secret..your bag is stunning :heart:
  13. Sam your wisteria spy is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the wisteria in this colour!! Very chic!!:love:
  14. Aw Tash thanks

    Can't wait till better weather here in Edin and I can use her more!
  15. ^^ I know what you mean Sam, the weather has been glorious here in London, but the rain clouds are always never too far away...so I am still hesitant to take my "babies" out! Your wisteria will look so pretty in the summer, have you got any modelling pics?? I think the wisteria spies are just that extra bit special compared to regular spies!!:drool: :drool:I am dying to see one IRL!:yes: