White Tokidoki Qee Ring

  1. I have a question abt the key ring of the regular white tokidoki qee. Is the ring suppose to be smooth or does some of them has ridged ring?
  2. It should be smooth. All of the ones that I have seen with the ridges have been fakes.
  3. What do you mean by ridged ring? The metal part that your keys go on? :confused1:
  4. Well, then I am in possession of a really good fake. Everything checked out alright except for the key ring itself. I was reading through Tokidoki blog when I realized the smooth and ridge keyring. I then inspected the one I got from eBay, it should come with Meomi but seller replaced it with the White Qee. Now, I am paranoid ... what if the bag itself is a fake too???

    Holy moly ...
  5. The round key ring where you attach your Qee to the leather part.
  6. I just checked mine and they're smooth. Is it possible you just have a fake qee? Maybe the ring is from a fake qee but the qee is real? :confused1:
  7. Erm .. possibly fake key ring since I don't find anything wrong with the qee itself. This is so crazy, I thought I've seen it all, now a real qee but fake key ring ..

    P1090876.JPG P1090879.JPG

    P1090880.JPG P1090881.JPG
  8. He looks good to me too. :confused1: I can't find anything wrong with him. I betcha the qee is real and for some reason they just put him on that wacky ridgey key ring.

    What bag did you get him on?
  9. Some ppl are really wacky .. wonder what happened to the original one?? Oh well, now, I have a qee that's just half a real qee ...
  10. He's half the man he used to be? :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
    Who knows what happened to the real one. It's probably stuck on a bag somewhere...they probably couldn't get it off :nuts:.

    What kind of bag did this weird qee ring come on?
  11. :roflmfao: You're just too funny!!!

    It came with the OP Ciao Ciao.
  12. heh...that's weird...I wonder why someone would replace a key ring? Hmm yeahh maybe something happened to it like it was scratched up...or they connected the qee to another keyring on their actual keys and took the wrong one off to put it on the bag? haha.
  13. You're the funny one, you called him 1/2 the real qee! :lol:

    It's so bizarre. I bet they broke the real one :yes:
  14. It's quite unlikely since the other regular key ring does not have the white plastic qee holder .. whatever you call it. But knowing that this seller is in possesion of a fake qee key ring makes me quite uncomfortable.
  15. O__O did you post pics of your bag yet? I really hope your bag is 100% authentic and it isn't a good fake like the qee lol.