white toenails?

  1. I did a search on this and nothing came up. Does anyone else have white toenails after removing polish? About half of my big toes nails are white. They are not any other color like I see in pics of nail fungus. Nor are they thickened or ragged. They have been this way for about 6 months now. At first I thought it was the polish remover I was using. Is this the first stage of toenail fungus?
  2. Hey there! Someone posted a similar question in our nail polish thread in the Beauty Bar. It probably isn't fungus, just too much exposure to chemicals in polish or removers. Do you use a base coat that is big-3-free? If no, you could try that. If yes, I'd give your nails a break from polish for a while.

    Here you go:

    Hope this helps and your nails will feel better soon :flowers:
  3. ^^Oh...thanks for the info! This sounds exactly like my problem. I have started using tea tree oil on them and they do look better. Glad it is fall...no more open toe shoes for awhile!
  4. You're welcome! I'm sure your nails will enjoy the break and will look pretty again soon. I just gave my nails a 10 day break and I think it did them a lot of good.
  5. I was at a spa having a pedi earlier this week and the woman beside me had this problem. The woman doing her pedi told her it was from constantly wearing dark polishes.
  6. I get this too. I went to a dermatologist and he took a sample. It was not fungus. He thought it was from my constant wearing of polish. Since it's too cold to wear sandals now, I removed my polish. I'm going to let them air out for awhile.
  7. yay!! i was trying to find info on this as well. i looked up all kinds of research for fungus, but it doesn't look like fungus...i too kept my toe nails painted...for like years :sad:

    i talked to a nail technician before and she made it sound like i was crazy because i asked if they were dried out or maybe lacking of oxygen, her response "your nails don't breath *eye roll*"...any ways i started to put some vic's vapo rub on them 2 times a day and they look great now. i read about doing that or tea tree oil, but i had no oil. so hopefully it is just the fact that they are dried out.
  8. OK I hate to be the party pooper and it may be different for you but my toenail looked like that and it was a fungus. Eventually it got darker but it was whitish for a while.
  9. ^^ i hope that's not the case for me!! *fingers crossed* but the vics is also supposed to help get rid of the fungus. so we shall see.
  10. ^^Eeek, crossing my fingers for all of you that it's not fungus!

    snibor, I hope your toes are better now!
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    I know this is not a new thread but I thought I would put information here in case someone comes back to it.

    It probably is a fungus. Look up white nail fungus.

    Please go see the doctor and get treatment. I had a mild case and it is persistent. Don't take the chance.

    I worked on mine for 2 1/2 years before it was totally gone. That was on one big toe with prescription medication.
  12. In high school, I played basketball and didn't really paint my nails because they would chip so easily in practice and games, but I had those white spots anyways. I asked my doctor about it and she told me that it was probably a vitamin deficiency. She had me increase the amount of zinc, calcium, and Vitamin C that I took in on a daily basis, and within a few weeks the spots had completely cleared up.
    It could also be dehydration due to having your nails painted for long periods of time. Not painting your nails for awhile could also help clear up those white spots, as well as strengthen your nail.
    Hope I helped! :smile: