White tea drinkers?

  1. I was wondering if anyone here drinks white tea. I bought some when I was in Hong Kong and haven't even tried it yet. I'm wondering what the caffeine level is since I am fairly sensitive to caffeine.

    And do you need to prepare it any special way?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Me! I love white tea!
    It's not different from black tea, but I find that its a little acidic when I drink it on an empty stomach.
  3. what does white tea look like? or taste like.. I regularly drink most types of other tea =)
  4. I love white tea, its so yummy!!!
    No, I get loose tea (which is sort of greenish, it smells delish) and prepare my tea that way
  5. i have actually had trouble finding it where i live. i love tea. all sorts of tea.
  6. Being chinese I have tried all types of hot tea except white tea. Almost every meal I have is accompanied by hot tea.:biggrin::flowers:
  7. Since you asked about the caffiene this is what I discovered:

    There is also considerably less caffeine in white tea than the other varieties (15mg per serving, compared to 40mg for black tea, and 20mg for green). Some studies have also shown that white tea contains more active cancer-fighting antioxidants than green tea.

    My DH drinks it, but he's a tea freak. I've found it bland, but I prefer a more heady floral tea like Tazo Passion.
    You can find white tea at places like Whole Foods and Wild Oats.

    If you don't like caffiene have you tried Mate? I love the stuff!
  8. I am developing a love for hot tea-always been an iced tea fanatic but just an hour ago I mixed a blueberry tea with a raspberry tea, added 3 packets of Splenda and yummmmm, plus I havent slept yet. I am going to get white tea-sounds interesting!
  9. Does anyone know what white tea is??? i'm totally clueless. What does it taste like???
  10. Yes you have to prepare it differently than regular black tea. Here's a great website on tea prep in general:


    The flavor is vastly different when it's prepared correctly.

    @VuittonGirl: Here is the definition of what white tea is:

    Just like those other teas, white tea come from the Camellia sinensis plant. But the leaves are picked and harvested before the leaves open fully, when the buds are still covered by fine white hair. Hence the name. White tea is scarcer than the other traditional teas, and quite a bit more expensive.
    White tea is similar to green tea, in that it's undergone very little processing and no fermentation. But there is a noticable difference in taste. Most green teas have a distinctive 'grassy' taste to them, but white tea does not. The flavour is described as light, and sweet. You should steep white tea in water that is below the boiling point.

    I agree that it's a lighter flavored tea. My favorite is Republic of Tea's White Honeysuckle tea. It's got a nice light but sort of sweet flavor to it.
  11. White tea is made of naturally dried leaves (dried, not smoked, hence they are still green). It tastes like grass, to put it roughly, better said it has a very vegetalble-like taste.

    If you are a beginner, you may want to try the delicately flavoured ones (i recommend apricot)