White Tattoos ... ???

  1. I have always been anti-tattoo for reasons of fading, stretching, etc.

    I noticed that there's an option for white tattoos--does anyone have one? Is it the same process, but no ink?

  2. Same process but I believe they just use white ink instead of the normal colors or black.
  3. ^^^ Yep same process, they just use white ink. You will still be able to see it (depending on your skin tone), but it clearly won't be a bright as a "colored" tattoo.

    If you get anything done with a tattoo machine that doesn't use ink it's called "tattoo gun scarification" and that's a totally different type of body art and I'm guessing that's not what you're looking for.


    If you go to this site and look up white tattoos, I'm sure you could find more info about them.
  4. this is something I'm very interseted in I'll be checking this thread often I have looked all over the net and haven't found many pics as yet.

    I did read that some people reject the white ink the tattoo is really itchy and the ink just fades
  5. i think if you are gonna get a tattoo & pay good $$ for it go all the way get them in spots you wont see all the time
    always take your time on what you really want
    some colors that peoples bodies tend to reject is red white & yellow & reject really just means that they fade super fast you would have to get a touch up every couple of years
    i did hear that they are trying to make ink that only lasts for a 4-5 years so you might want to look into that
  6. White ink is really tricky. For some people it fades or gets spotty pretty quickly. Scarification is often a better bet, although there is no guarantee that you will scar the "proper" way with fine, raised white lines, either. Previous injuries, though, might give you a better idea how your body would respond to scarification. Both white ink and scarification can look stunning when done properly, though.
  7. I love the way white tattoos look. A friend of mine has one and it looks great. It's one of those things that you have to know what you're looking for in order to see it. Some people want tattoos like that.
  8. I love the way they look too. I'm thinking about getting one. But I don't know where or of what yet.
  9. DH was a tattoo artist. He does not recommend white ink. Usually time and exposure to the sun leads to "browning" of the white. On part of my sleeve I have an orchid that was colored in white... over only a matter of 3 years it has changed... it's not to the brown stage yet, but it certainly isn't white. I have very fair skin. He has a darker complexion and his white is now brown.
  10. I looked into getting one a while back as I love the look of them, but after reading so many articles about how likely they are to fade/be done wrong I didn't fancy my chances. I think I read somewhere that if you get them in a place thats exposed to the sun that it fades really fast, this wouldn't work for me as I'm a total sun worshipper. :beach:
    Let us know if you do decide to get one though as I'd love to see a pic, white tattoo's are so cool.
  11. They are a bit more rare but I know that there is an artist in my city who does amazing white tattoos. I haven't seen too many IRL though.
  12. White tattoos look really ugly. Also, a lot of tattoo artists do not like to use it as it does not "show off" their artwork in a sense, and sometimes it can come out looking rather sloppy.
  13. I think white tattoos are gorgeous - they look sort of like scars. And yeah I like scars. Heh. Also I wouldn't mind it fading - I mean I could either get it touched up or just let it fade away? Temporary tattoo for the win!

    I wont get one in a few years anyway, but it's a shame there is so little information on it.