White Sunglasses

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  1. Anyone own a pair of big white sunglasses? Im looking for a pair...can you post pics??? Thanks!!!
  2. Mine are Coach. Dont have pics. but I love, love them!
  3. I don't own a pair of white ones. But I found these online.


    Kate Spade @ Neiman's $160


    Marc Jacobs @ Neiman's $275
  4. I have the Oliver Peoples "Athena" in white, they're big. Let me see if I can track down a picture. I love them! :love:
  5. This is a photo of them in white. The lenses are gradient. They're $240 at NM :biggrin: [​IMG]

    Whoops, just saw your post, DRLISA! Glad you like them. They're comfortable and very cute, I get tons of compliments!
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  6. :huh::huh:h. i'm looking for white sunglasses also. i saw some chanels but i think they might be too big for me. those oliver peoples are really cute.
  7. I don't have a pair of white sunglasses. I love them but all the ones I've tried on don't look right on me. I saw this pair on Judith Lieber's website. I think this pair is very pretty. They cost $675.
  8. I have a pair of YSL ones, I never wear them though they are too big for my face. Here is a quick pic...I don't know why the lens look dirty, they are spotless in real life :blink:
  9. I love all these white sunglasses. The Oliver Peoples are fantastic.
  10. I was thinking about buying some big white Chanel's. Although, I love those Oliver Peoples!
  11. I don't wear white sunnies, but I think these Oliver Peoples are amazing. I also like the 'Glossy' Dior model (maybe their frame is too big, but I find it fascinating).
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