White Squishy available~

  1. It's real but the price:wtf:.
  2. The price:Push: ..not really a fan of the white.
  3. she is a reseller she has to sell it for more, but... I don't know not a fan of the white too
  4. Yeah this was the LV laundry bag!
  5. I like the red one in this line, it looks like a little alien baby I reckon.:lol:
    (Not that I'll be getting one.)
  6. I call it the LV Garbage bag.

    Hefty! Hefty! Hefty! LOL
  7. ^^^ Well, at least the price tag is !!
  8. :yucky: That is one fugly bag - I love it in the red but that really look cheapo. Bleh:yucky:
  9. i think it's nice! i love all the squishies! woohoo! lol
  10. Of course, it's really fab :drool: but pricey :hysteric: