White Spy on Eluxury!

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  1. [​IMG]

  2. Ok - I don't know why they picture white, but the color choice says honey. BOOOO!!!!
  3. Oh! I Love That Color!!!
  4. i love it too but its really risky to spend such amount of $$ on a white bag ..
  5. agree with chloe
  6. i just bought this bag and it arrived yesterday and i'm going to return it if anyone wants it. no tax it's from Saks.
  7. How come you're returning? Just curious :shame:
  8. It's not longer there.
  9. *cries* i want it so much and i can't afford it! you paid $2075, right?
  10. Hi, yes I paid $2075 and I think shipping was like $12.00 and since we have no Saks here there was no tax. It is beautiful and the leather is incredible but I decided it was too much of a statement piece and would draw too much attention to me. remember I am 51 and I'm thinking if I get a spy it will be the brown. I do have a choco paddy and phoebe and a wisky paddy and cognac kooba so I do need a white bag, oh that's right, the gaucho is in limbo to keep or return. I think I would love a stella in white. but the white spy looks exactly like the picture. When I called they said they received 50 and all but one sold immediately so I grabbed it like a good little purse forum gal. I am taking it back to portland saks on saturday and they are thrilled since they didn't get any. I had it sent to me from NYC saks. you have until saturday to grab it or call saks portland and tell them it's coming in on saturday late afternoon as a return and put your name on it. I think I spoke with Erin in portland.
  11. Its still there when I checked.
  12. It's very pretty in white. This bag is really starting to grow on me. I think I may NEED a honey one ...... hmmmmm.... another bag obsession begins.
  13. I saw the white color IRL but it was a spy satchel and it makes me want to cry because I love it so much. I can only imagine how nice it looks as a medium spy!! :love: Must... win... lotto...
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