White spy dilemma...........

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  1. :wacko: So i bought a White Fendi spy on March 15, I still haven't used it and i'm starting to get 2nd thoughts..... i just pulled it out of the closet today to look at and i'm not in love with it anymore, mainly because i spent so much money on it and i'm afraid of it getting dirty..... should i return it? or should i exchange it for the honey westeria one (the regular fendi spy with the flowers on both sides....)i also have the cognac one so do you think the honey and cognac is too similar?
    i'm so confused???:wacko:
  2. i love the white, saw one the other day was floored by how gorgeous it is...i vote keep the white, but if you won't carry it, exchange it..no sense in having something so expensive sit in your closet
  3. I love the white one but if you're not going to use it much for fear of getting it dirty perhaps you should get something else since it is a big investment dollar wise.
  4. for a bag so expensive you really want to get the most use out of it. maybe you should exchange it. there's no point in a beautiful bag just sitting in a closet.
  5. I agree.
  6. If you'd rather have something that wont show dirt as much, get the other one you were looking at, it has a lot more character IMO.
  7. If it helps, I've seen the cognac and the honey side by side, and whilst they are both brown, they're completely different shades. They're really not similar at all.
  8. Ack - that's a tough one. I agree with english_girl, having seen the Cognac and the Honey side by side, that they're very different colors. But I see your problem since they're both still brown tones and might be a little repetitive in this particular bag. And while the White is beautiful, it looks like it will get dirty just looking at it. You just have to figure out if you'll ever be comfortable carrying the White - if you're the type of person who would constantly be nervous and not enjoy it, exchange it for the Honey - even if it's similar to your Cognac, you'll still wear it, you know? On the other hand, if you don't mind having that one bag that you're prepared to be more careful with, keep the White and just use it on days you can afford to be just a little more aware of your bag!
  9. I think if you are having doubts, you should return it.
  10. If you have doubts,best to return. A white spy sounds gorgeous,but there's no point in owning it if it's never going to go out.

    I am not a fan if the wisteria bags. I think that the flowers detract from the beauty of the bag. I don't like the bells and whistles that they've added to the spy (squirrels,flowers,whatnot) in general.
  11. That's a tough one for me. I love the white but the wisteria is beautiful too! I agree with jstreete. Decide on the one that you will get the most use out of.
  12. oh no! i just love the white spy! but, if you think you won't get any mileage from it, might as well exchange it to a color you love more.
  13. If there's any doubt return it before it's too late!
  14. if you could .. return it .. i would ..
    the spy is just too trendy for that much $$$$