White spots on vachetta leather...anybody know what this is?

  1. I thought the marks might be waterspots but then when I rubbed Appleguard to see if the spots would blend in, they seem to stand out more:sad: . Does anybody else have this on any of their vachetta handles or trim? I haven't tried Magic Eraser or saddlesoap yet--wonder if ME or saddlesoap might make the vachetta darker? HELP!!


    Sorry if pic's too big:shame: . Thanks!

  2. hmmm strange...never seen that before... but your bag still looks young, so perhaps it'll blend in later on, hopefully????
    sorry I can't help.... I just hope that it's not MOLD! lol
  3. almost looks like bleach spots :sad:
  4. I have a similar spot on the bottom of handle on my Cerises speedy. I can't seem to find anything that will remove it and it seems to be resistant to all cleaners. It repels water, etc.
  5. That's what I was thinking too.
  6. wow that is weird...none of mine have that...usually the water spots are darker.
    You didn't accidentally splatter it with a cleaning product or anything?
  7. It does look like a bleaching agent came in contact with the leather - in my experience, light spots don't budge - If I were you I would take it to LV and see what they say. You may have to change the handles, but it would help to know what happened in the first place. Good luck!!
  8. :sad: i agree that it is not water spots. water will appear as darker spots. i hope you can get the spots out. good luck!
  9. I first thought it could be bleach also. And I hope you figure this out. As that would bug me also. :crybaby:
  10. I got some water spots on my handles from the rain yesterday (it's been raining cats and dogs here!!) but I agree that water spots are slightly darker... but the spots on your handles sure look like it could be caused by some form of liquid. I'd suggest you take it to LV and see what they can do about it.
  11. my mono speedy has this on the handle!! i never noticed it till I cleaned my bag with baby wipes..when it was wet it showed too much that i got scared!!! later on when it dried it doesn't show anymore! I guess it's normal from the leather...
  12. I found this as well on handels of my Azur speedy when I was cleaning it with baby wipes.
  13. i saw some of these on the vachetta of my speedy 25 that i have kept in cloth bag and in a box. it seems that when the vachetta dries this occurs? mine are grayish tho.. what i did tho is to blend it with apple leather care