White Spazzalato Leather Bayswater

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  1. #1 Jul 5, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2009
    This is my first post in Mulberry and I lurked around for a couple of days and I'm really liking the Bayswater! Sorry this isn't a reveal thread :P

    SO I am considering cheating on my Bals with Mulberry and I would LOVE a white bag! Is White Spazzalato Leather Bayswater a good choice? Seems like its not a very popular choice because it is delicate.. (Am I answering my own question?)

    But anyway, I can't find any pictures of this particular bag here? Would love to see owners of the exact bag or Spazzalato Leather Bayswater chime in! Maybe some pictures, model pictures ecetra would be nice and helpful!

    TIA :flowers:
  2. Sorry, cant help on the white Spazzalato Bays issue .. but wanted to say :welcome2: to Mulberry!

    Im sure if you do get the white Bays .. she wont be your last ... :graucho: ;)
  3. http://i675.photobucket.com/albums/vv113/corries2/009.jpg

    Sweetlust. I have the Crimson one. I don't find it particularly delicate. These are not everyday chuck in the car bags anyway so you'd naturally be taking care. I always make sure I store with the stuffing still in where it won't get crushed.

    Hope this helps.xx
  4. I've just been in to my local boutique which stocks mulberry and looked at the crimson spazzalato bays and I was shocked at how ugly one side has become.

    Where the leather had creased with it sitting on the shelf it has become all wrinkled and almost like it was starting to break.

    I immediately decided against the spazalatto bays. This may be a one off but it still wasn't very encouraging to see.
  5. LovinMyMulberry - Thanks!! Well I am pretty certain of that too! :lol:

    corries2 - Now that is GORGEOUS! Thank you so much!! I've just saved the picture :P Does the website show the true color of it being a deeper red than your picture? Now I need to rethink if I really want it in White...

    tireebabe - Well I certainly hope its a not too common one off thing... Maybe with usage the crease will soften (As the entire bag slouches) ? Hopefully its just a case of dry leather :confused1:
  6. I saw a green spazalatto bays recently, and I thought it looked quite cheap and plasticy, and had a lot of scratches on it. But I guess it depends what look you like and how careful you are, or whether you don't mind the "used" look :smile:
  7. Well I guess I have to look at the bag IRL but selection of Mulberry in my country is terrible and sadly there aren't any so I'm looking to buying from online (Plus sale!).

    Now I'm having doubts about this leather! :thinking:
  8. Sorry, I don't want to put you off, but from experience you do need to see/try one in real life, I've made mistakes ordering off the internet before and not been happy with the end result. If you're spending a lot, it's worth doing your research first and making sure you get something you love!
  9. The flash has lightened the colour Sweetlust, just a fraction. I'd call it pillar box red just short of scarlet.

    Downside of this leather is if it's damaged it's probably unfixable. I saw a couple of horrors in the York Outlet.

    I'm treating it as something I'm just going to have to try and keep as perfect as I can. Like a delicate silk top or a flimsy sandal.

    Going to try and take a pic without the flash.

    By the way IMO the Crimson Spaz purse was truly plasticky looking but I think the design contributed to that.
  10. I also have the crimson spazz bays. I love it - it's a beautiful colour but as Corries2 says you do need to treat with a little reverence...

    and it's true, certain things in this leather can look quite plasticcy - I have the continental wallet, which is ace, but the long locked purse doesn't look right at all.
  11. Yes I was sleeping when I chose the Long Lock purse . I ordered without seeing IRL. Didn't realise the wallet had a coin bit. When I finally did see one IRL I loved it but crimson was sold out.

    This leather doesn't work without a defined structure.
  12. Am I glad I found your post on this! I, too, am "researching" this bag and stumbled upon this thread. I don't own a Mulberry yet, but fell in love with the White Spazzalato Bayswater at my local boutique. It was on sale, and the last one in stock so unfortunately it wasn't in the greatest shape, but I have to say it was a beautifully classic looking bag.

    The leather IRL did feel very thin, but there were no other Mulberry's to compare it to.. :sad:
  13. sorry to hijack your thread sweetlust, but corries2 and keeledover how are you finding your crimson bays? i tried one on instore the other day and i love the colour and the style, but i'm a bit worried about the leather. i'm not planning on using it everyday, but in rotation with others for work and uni. i'm just wondering if it's worth selling off my only red bag for the crimson bays. i only want one red bag!
  14. I looked at the crimson bays in HOF. Its a beautiful bag but a bit too stiff for me. It seems too structured. I loved the colour though. It was very pretty!