White, Sold Out Paddington.

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  1. A couple weeks ago when a few places still had paddingtons I went to buy one and my boyfriend made a few good points about bills and such [I've been putting small amounts of money away every week to save up for one and still be able to afford, bills, food, my horse, etc. on my boyfriend and my small salaries] so I didn't buy it then, big mistake. I now have the money but it seems that NO ONE has the white ones anymore. Stupid me for picking the color of the season, i guess. So does anyone know anywhere that still has white paddingtons? No boy is talking me out of it this time!

    NOTE: I live in Connecticut so I checked out a boutique in NY already and the salesperson just pretty much said "good luck"
  2. call around, i don't think it'll be impossible to find one. try luisaviaroma.com, they're legit and i think they still had them available last time i checked. any department store or boutique in the country that has one should be able to ship to you, so i'm sure one will be found!
  3. I checked them out, they don't have them in white. :sad:
  4. the bloomies had a cream paddington in long island at roosevelt field mall.
  5. You can try styledrops.com. They still had it a couple of hours ago.
  6. Call Neiman Marcus-They can do a store wide search-They had alot of them a week ago
  7. You might also try Chloé boutiques. I know the one at South Coast Plaza was expecting to get them in toward the end of this month.
  8. I think I saw Paddys at Americana Manhasset at Hirshleifer's. Americana Manhasset is located on Northern Boulevard at Searingtown Road in Manhasset, NY. (Long Island - Nassau County) They have a website. www.americanamanhasset.com
    Good luck!!!
  9. Nordstroms in The Westchester mall in White Plains, NY had a very small display of Paddys. You could try calling them too. Neiman Marcus in The Westchester does not carry Chloe.
  10. You may have to call around but you will definitely be able to find one. I've been a Paddy Hunter :lol: for a while now and can tell you that even though they might not be on the NM/BG sites, they are readily available through random stores.
  11. Call Stephanie at the San Antonio Neiman's. She is adorable and very helpful. She should be able to find one for you.
  12. ^^^Did somebody from here just got it?
  13. Actually, I am positive that NM in The Westchester has Chloe, I was there last weekend, that's where I saw the metallic Paddington and was a little disappointed.....Ask for Patricia Lasagne, I'm sorry I lost the number.
  14. My mistake .... I've bought quite a few bags there and never noticed Chloe. Did they just start selling Chloe???