White soft and chain hobo *pics*

  1. Hi ladies!

    Just wanted to share my new beauty w/you. :love: :love: Here are pics of my new large soft and chain hobo in white. I *had* to get the white after seeing mscupcake's beautiful pics. ;)



  2. it's Gorgeous .. :yahoo:
    congratulationss :heart:.. now i think you have all the three color ... black beige and white!
  3. Both you and your hobo is such a perfect match!!!!

    Do you need special care with white bag? Lambskin or caviar?

    May I know the price of it?


  4. Thank you Chanelle and ppsam. The bag retails for 2350.00. I think I might use a leather protector on this bag just because it's white lambskin and it's huge. I have not treated any of my white caviar bags, but I might use shining monkey on them. A lovely Pfer recommended the product and says it's wonderful.
  5. Gorgeous! Congrats.
  6. Wow!! That is a gorgeous bag!!! Congrats on your new purchase :yahoo:
  7. It's beautiful! Enjoy it...
  8. What a gorgeous bag!

    It looks really deep. Is it hard to reach for things in the bag?
  9. Absolutely gorgeous! :heart: :heart:
  10. Thanks ladies!

    erm_chan: It's deep, but it's not hard to reach for things because the opening is HUGE.
  11. Is there a magnetic closure on top or is it a zippered top?

    Congrats on such a beautiful bag! :smile:
  12. ^ Thank u! It's a single button magnetic closure at the top. It's totally secure though because when buttoned, the bag is completely closed at the top.
  13. The more i look at it, the more i like it!! This could be a good alternative to the coco cabas as I'm still on the waitlist...

    Is there a waitlist for this?...i'm guessing..yes?
  14. Beautiful on you! Congrats!
  15. Beautiful Jenn!!
    My beige S&C just like your white is on the way!!
    Can't wait!