White/ Silver H clac

  1. hi everyone...has anyone seen a white and silver h clac around? i know its on the european hermes website but since i am from the united states i can not order from there. thanks for your help !
  2. I think I've seen one at my local store, but its in Canada...not sure if that helps. PM me if you need details
  3. Just saw one today in Hawaii.
  4. Have you tried calling the 800 number on the Hermes site and giving them the item number from the UK site to see if they can locate it for you? That works sometimes.
  5. are you looking for the PM or GM? thinner or thicker?
  6. im looking for the pm , i wanted the thicker size but since its been so hard to locate now i want either the thinner or thicker one
  7. I saw the thinner one at Madison Ave. Really pretty. :smile:
  8. white thinner - PM in las vegas
  9. i finally found the bracelet:yahoo: thanks so much everyone !!!
  10. Hurrah! Congrats!