White Shoes - Buy expensive or cheap?

  1. I usually don't wear light clothing - even during the summer so I have never bought any light colored shoes. I'm about to buy my first pair of white ones to go with some white shorts and skirts I bought for spring/summer.

    How easy are they too keep clean? Would you buy more expensive shoes (the ones I'm looking at are $400) or buy a less expensive pair (I found some soe $100 I like).

    I'm concerned about spending so much on a pair that might get ruined in a season or two.

    What are your thoughts?
  2. I have a pair of white leather shoes and paid about $130 USD... they lasted only 1.5 years which was fine, however I am glad I didn't get a very expensive pair.

    I personally tend to get expensive pairs in shoes that are likely to last... no matter how much you try to keep white clean, its bound to get dirty...

    I bought a replacement pair (paid about $175) a week ago, and on the first use I managed to get small scratch that is noticable...

    If you intend to use it only a handful of times, go for expensive, but as an everyday use, I think $100 or thereabouts is fine IMO.
  3. I use magic clean eraser to get scruffs and marks off of my white shoes....(leather or pleather).... white cloth material is harder to take care of
  4. I'd go for cheap. I only spend a lot on shoes that I can wear frequently, without ruining them (like my favourite boots, tan "used look" leather). The only white shoes I've ever had have been relatively cheap, and used frequently they have become scuffed and irreparable, even though I've looked after them. I think this goes for all light coloured/metallics too. If you want to use them a lot then expect them to look worn out quickly; there's no way of getting around it!:p