White rubber eraser


Sep 13, 2005
...is my new best friend?!

I was taking out all my LV stuff to take pictures for the Showcase board, and my Epi Speedy had some dark marks where the padlock had been rubbing against the leather, and also around the base of the handles. So I got a (clean) white rubber eraser, and started rubbing at my bag, and the marks COMPLETELY disappeared!

So I opened my Vernis wallet, since the calfskin inside was a little grey from the dirty money, and started "erasing" at it too. And now my wallet looks brand new! (From the inside, at least).

I don't dare try it on my lambskin Chanel, but it seems there are no problems with tougher calfskin leathers.

Has anyone else cleaned their bags with an eraser before? Or am I just very slow on this discovery? :weird: