White rock and chain flap **Pics**

  1. Hi ladies!

    I brought this home yesterday from SCP. It's the large white rock and chain flap. I really didn't need another white flap, but I just couldn't resist. TIA for letting me share! ;)

    1st modeling pic the bag is unstuffed, 2nd modeling pic the bag is stuffed.





  2. GASPS!! I love that bag!!! very stunning and looks amazing with your outfit! big congrats...!
  3. Jenn, it looks absolutely gorgeous on you!!! STUNNING! I swear you could make a trash bag look terrific! :heart: :heart: I love the dress too!
  4. Congratulation! Love love love the chain. Is there a CC charm on this bag? I thought I saw it maybe my mistake.
  5. Thank u whistlerchic.

    Jackie: Thank u! You know that I did not need another white flap, but I just couldn't resist. :sweatdrop:
  6. The bag looks stunning and so do you!:yes:I love the pearls too!Enjoy!
  7. Beautiful!!
  8. Congratulations Jenn!! :happydance: It looks just fabulous on you... the white bag really pops against your pretty black wrap dress... very chic! :smile: Ohhh, and I spy some gorgeous timeless pearls too haha, love them! :heart:
  9. Very nice - love the chains.
    Thanks for sharing!:smile:
  10. Wow, how stunning. It also looks wonderful on you - congrats!!!
  11. Thank u chanelspell, anonymous, , iluvchanel Purrrfect. Michele

    Minal: Thank u! LOL, we're pearl twins!:p

    iluvchanel: no cc charm, how cute would that be though:yes:
  12. GORGEOUS!!! great choice!:yes:
  13. Jenn, you look gorgeous! The bag looks gorgeous on you! :yes:

    I thought I didn't need a R&C white flap..... my SA thanks you.
  14. Swanky: Thank u! I'm still drooling over your dark white VL tote, you still have it right? :p

    Kristi: Aww, thank u. LOL, call her right away! What else have you added since the move? ;)
  15. All I can say is "WOW!!!!"